TIPS, Marketing Online and Black Hat for your Website

In this website, SEO IS DEAD, you will find all the necessary information about Online Marketing, Seo, how to make a website or an online store, and many more things about Digital Marketing.

If you are a beginner you can learn how to create a website from scratch and optimize it to be found by Google.

SEO are rules that Google gives us to appear in the search engine and ahead of our competitors.

Seo is Dead Website

You will also find very useful information about SEO and Google positioning techniques if you already have a website.


WordPress is the best CMS to build a website without programming knowledge. However, you will also find articles with information about CSS, HTML or PHP.

If you already think you have mastered Google positioning and online marketing, stay and read the posts because you will also learn many unknown techniques that few people know.


They are a bit dirtier tricks that few people dare to use, but they are essential to increase positions in the Google search engine.

seo is dead club website

What will you find in

Link Building

How to do Link Building, spy links from other websites, and create new links for your web project

Guides and Tutorials

Tutorials about WordPress, Creating Online Stores, and other tools to enhance your web project

Monetize Webs

Monetize Webs

We will see how to make money with Webs that you have already created, for example, with Google Adsense, Affiliates, leads, etc

Seo Techniques

We will see from beginner level SEO with the rules that Google gives us to position, to advanced level SEO

Black Hat Techniques

Black Hat Techniques

In seoisdead you will find more controversial techniques but that will give you more advantage over your competitors on the Internet

Web Design

We mention the Web Design to make it more attractive to those who see your website. It is important to monetize or gain visits